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June 24, 2005
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Ari-Kin Kornia by Tray7 Ari-Kin Kornia by Tray7
Oekaki Paint BBS Program and Wacom Tablet
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blak-sheap-ink Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2006
1. incredible! love the textures and colours!
2. cant go wrong with purple lightsabers!
3. haha...embrace your inner nerd! :D
4. interesting for a jedi to have such a revealing shirt! not complaining :P...just..interesting
5. only foul i can find is the mouth is a little akward, mildlt displacing the rest of the face. (in my oppinion) the mouth should curve with the jaw line. it looks a little picaso-ish...
other then that, great job
keep it up
BethCarr Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I love the design of her outfit and the background is really nice.
mrjzz Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2006

Great work there!
The outfit looks nice and the pose is also great :D

Well done! :thumbsup:;)
daveainley Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2005
nice work... but just by SAYING you have a story you threw yourself into the "even-bigger-nerd" category. sorry, chica. might as well spill the beans. that's a really lame line. i think i'm never going to use it again. cool. the way, i got a job at the rocket bakery a couple weeks back. now we're BOTH in the coffee biznass.

~daveainley :spidey:

p.s.-my brother and his best friend both have star wars counterparts. i can link you to their drawings of them if you want... and if they're even in here...
Tray7 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
The Rocket is cool... our retail store used to get some killer sandwitches to re-sell from there... Very yummy.

As for my little story about the Jedi I drew.. forget it. It wasn't really much it was just that as I was drawing her I was thinking about stupid little things... yeah never mind. I digress, I simply wanted to thank you for your compiment on my drawing and then there I go... trying to defend my nerdiness... Hmm.. Oh well.

Would love to see your brother and friends drawings... always love to see other peoples work.

Peace out biotch, :D
daveainley Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005
i'll show you who's the biotch... [link] <-- yeah whats up, NOW?! 'nave' is my brotha, nate, and zzenya (zzenkinsein) is his best bro bro and also a goody buddy of mine, and guess what?! he deserves a watch! so tell your friends, and check out his gallery immediately, because for someone who's never taken a figure drawing class, he's doing a pretty effing good job.

~daveainley :spidey:
Tray7 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah, he is good. His face portraits are da shiznit. lol
I never took a class either... well, I did take one in college but it was lame and I hated the teachers techniques... Anyway, yeah...

Oh, and you are still the biotch... Okay, well that is the best come-back I could think of, I am so freakin' tired. I had to work Hoopfest at our retail store today and yesterday... I don't even get a weekend, the next day I get off is Saturday... Soooo tired....

Yeah, okay... bye now.
daveainley Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005
hahaha you nerd! well i guess that sucks. i got to kick it for hoopfest morning and early afternoon, so that was rad... AND i met this REALLY kick girl! we've been hanging out a lot the last few days. rad chick... okay so that was more of a personal note... anyway, check out my latest. you'd like it;)

~daveainley :spidey:
Tray7 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey, I admit I am a nerd but that doesn't mean you can openly call me one, damn it! lol

You suck for getting to "kick it" for Hoopfest, ya brat. But I guess its cool, especially that you met a girl... ahhhh so sweet. lol

Anyway, checked out your new stuff. I must say its all pretty awesome. Kudos.

daveainley Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
don't mock my uisage of the word kick or i'll 'kick' you in the throat... whenever i find your sorry butt. ...yeah it was a pretty rad weekend. thanks for the good word on my latest. have a faaaaaaantastically cool day.

~daveainley :spidey:
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